We have finally got our registration right and can now register hoops, which means that we have a cost price of SEK 750. We can help to obtain registration plates and registration certificates. To do that, we need to send COC in original to us. For those of you who bought the EU mopeds in the first broadcast 2018 we have some COC with us in the original, hear from you if you belong to these.

Please send these recommended to:

Kohla AB (Surron registration)

Spanarvägen 6

13246 Saltsjö boo

This is how it works:

1. Go into our shop and place an order

2. Send us COC and owner information in the form of name address mail, telephone

3. After 3-4 days we get registration plates and registration certificate

4. We carry out ownership change and send out signs to you

5. You will receive a registration certificate with your information directly from the Transport Agency where you place your vehicles on your own and are responsible for your insurance